Orca Software has more than fifteen years of experience in scientific and engineering software development with C++, Python and Delphi and develops software on freelance or project basis. According to Orca Software, software development is not just about 'writing the code', but about the whole development process.

Communication is the key in this process to make sure that the 'end product' software will perform the tasks that the client or user expects of it. Another important aspect is a dedication to simplicty as in Albert Eintein's famous quotation: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler".

If you have an inquiry regarding competences or availabilty, please visit the contact page.

Orca Software takes a special interest in scientific computing.

Some of the software developed by Orca Software is available online through the public software repository or github.

Any craftsman relies on tools.

Maintenance websites for Orca Software products require a certificate to be installed.